About Moshe Goldbard

Living Numerology

Therapist, Mediator, Spiritual Teacher, Advisor through Numerology in Business, Personal Development and Relationships

Moshe Goldbard is a world-renowned numerologist, chirologist (diagnostics done through palm reading), and western astrology, specializing in numerology, chirology and western astrology in general, but especially in accord with the Holly kabbalah teachings.

Moshe also practices kabalistic therapy, channeling, telepathic communication with autistic individuals, dream analysis, signatures’ analysis, tarot cards reading, and more.

Moshe lectures in Israel and around the world about the utility of numerology, Holly kabbalah, kabalistic therapy, chirology and the like, vis a vis personal empowerment, relationships and the conduct of business.

Moshe has been conducting research related to numerology, astrology, the Holly kabbalah teaching, reincarnation, autism and more.

He also has been teaching classes (to groups) and giving advice (to individuals) regarding personal issues, relationships, and business matters.  He also conducts fascinating day workshops and evening presentations in the areas of his expertise.

Moshe is a regular participant in the TV show: “Zman Mistica” (Time of the Mystical) and provides advice, as a member of a panel of experts, on radio stations.

Additional advice is imparted through other radio programs, newspapers, internet sites and more.

Moshe grew up and was raised in Israel.  However, he took his first steps in his professional path about 25 years ago in Toronto, Canada, where he learned reading tarot cards and chirology (palmistry) with a gypsy teacher, according to the gypsy manner of reading cards and palms.

That was the genesis of Moshe’s journey.  Later, still in Toronto, he became acquainted with several

parapsychologists whom he had found fascinating.  He studied with them, expanding his study into various fields –

which activity just amplified his curiosity.  He therefore continued expanding his knowledge first in New York and thereafter in Michigan.

He returned to Israel in 1996 with vast knowledge in varied fields:  Numerology, chirology, astrology, tarot cards reading, facial features morphology, channeling, self-awareness, Reiki, grapho-therapy, and more.

Once back in Israel, Moshe sat with his grandfather, and for the next four years studied kabbalah.

Moshe discloses:  “Slowly I have discovered that all this knowledge, leads toward the holly teachings kabbalah – which provides us with a logical structure of the universe, a logical explanation of a given life in a current incarnation, it makes sense of what is transpiring in our lives and an allows an us understanding of the world we live in.

“I conduct my daily work according to this teachings:  Utilizing the deep and dynamic insight the kabbalah has bestowed on me, I prepare charts, provide advice and direction; I lecture and instruct; and I give advice through them as media (TV, radio, and other such avenues).

“God Almighty gave us tools for modern medicine, so that we can deal with either simple or complex physical challenges. Likewise, the Almighty has given us spiritual diagnostic means through which we may comprehend the path of life, as we traverse it – in this world and how to walk it with less fears and with more smiles; greatly empowered and charged with positive energies. Techniques that teach us how to breathing correctly, and all in all how to, individually, do what is right for each one of us to do or refrain from doing.”

A key sentence is:  “All is predetermined yet freedom of choice is granted.”

“God, please grant me the insight and might to live every day of the rest of my life in this incarnation as if it were the first day of my life — and as if it will be the last.

For details regarding consultations you may reach Moshe Goldbard by phone at:  972-8-9166665 or 972-54-2158888

May your life be blessed with light, love, health and excellent livelihood.