Business Consulting

*Is being independent right for me?

If so , in what field?

What area suits my path in life and my luck?

*Should I open a business alone? Should I partner up with one or more partners?

*If I do open a business with partners, I need to check that they are truly the right partners for me and for the business.

(A joint business partnership is similar to a wedding.)

*Should I do business with this or that person?

*What would be the right timing to open my business, to ensure that it is prosperous and brings me luck?

And many more similar questions.

Many questions arise and are asked during the process of opening a business.

Even afterward, doing business on a day to day basis, various dilemmas often arise:

*Which external entities should I connect with professionally?

*When is the correct timing to sign contracts?

*What is the best location for the business?

Here, each and every person’s numerological map comes into play.

According to the map, it is possible to know when the time is right, what fields are appropriate, etc.

According to the names and birthdates of potential partners, it is possible to know if it is worth our while to become their business partner or not.

Find the answers to these questions and many more questions related to your business that is so very important to you!

The purpose of business consulting is to provide the correct direction toward the right business, in the right field, according to your map and based on what is right for you…at the right timing, with the right people.

The goal is to help you make the right decisions at the right time and in the right place.

With blessings of light and love,

Health and prosperity.