Consulting for Recruitment and Placement of Employees

Simultaneously, they are influenced by the initial impression that the candidate makes upon them (studies show that the initial impression is made during the first 30 seconds alone!).

*The interviewer, who often is interviewing candidates to work at his own business, or is the manager of a company responsible for choosing the right employees, is of course interested in choosing a trustworthy, efficient, dedicated employee.

*Like anyone, the candidate also possesses those aspects of their life that they won’t necessarily expose. (We all have our ups and downs in life, periods that are more or less tense than others, etc..)

The interviewer wants to know and decide whether the person sitting before them is a good match or not for the position at hand.

This is where numerology and I come into play.

I have extensive experience in numerological assessment and consulting for businesses and private individuals. I have the professional tools to identify when a person is at an excellent stage in their life in terms of: creativity in anything they do, sociable, efficient, possessing leadership qualities, a team player and more…

Or alternatively: when a person is not trustworthy, not very creative, critical, in a problematic mental state, works as an individual, etc.

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