Consulting on the Subject of Autism

Being the father of an autistic son, and since this subject is an inseparable part of my life, I have researched it for several years and I continue to study the subject.

The conclusions are numerous.

According to the Cabbala, autistic individuals are considered to possess the highest type of souls – those souls that came here, to our world, for their final rectification and reincarnation.

We all came to this world to learn lessons related to specific issues and through them, to rectify our souls.

Since no one is perfect, and we will probably finish this reincarnation with a few wrongdoings that we committed during the course of our lives (such as hurting someone, insulting someone, etc.), it is likely that we will come back to this world for another reincarnation.

Therefore, those who come here for their final reincarnation must have “protection.”

Autistic people have that protection.

Autistic individuals don’t have ulterior motives. They aren’t waiting for us in a dark alley to take revenge.

If they say something that isn’t politically correct, they think that their comment was completely honest. They have no intention to hurt and no thought that it might be offensive.

They simply are extremely genuine. No ego games. Everything is straightforward.

Sometimes, this is nice and sometimes, it is not so pleasant.

When an autistic child spills a cup of water on purpose, he usually thinks that it is funny or did it because he was angry. But he didn’t do it so that we would have more work to do.

Thoughts such as those don’t cross his mind.

Being parents or siblings of an autistic child is a totally different experience!

No outsider can understand!

Autism is not a disease! This is why it cannot be cured!

Autism means impaired social interaction. The brain thinks and communicates differently.

Autism is for life!!!

Therefore, forget about all of those “wise guys” who for various reasons publish books and/or articles with statements such as: “I healed my son’s autism,” “My son was born autistic and today, he’s a regular child,” etc.

Statements such as these are simply misleading to the public, sometimes purposely and sometimes not. Again, autism is not a disease!

The autistic spectrum is extremely broad! Therefore, it includes individuals who function and communicate on very diverse levels. But it is not a disease and it cannot be cured.

However, it definitely is possible to receive professional advice regarding methods of treatment and approaches that suit each specific autistic individual.

Every person feels connected to different things, and these things make it possible to communicate with the person with greater ease.

Autistic people, both children and adults, are very, very unique people.

Each one has their own challenges, and their challenges are numerous. But when one function is weakened in the brain, usually something else is strengthened.

Many autistic people have phenomenal memories. Others are talented artists. There are those who are very musically-oriented, and more.

When parents are told that their son or daughter has been diagnosed with autism, there are a few necessary and unavoidable stages that we must recognize as part of the process of accepting the condition and accepting the child who was recently diagnosed.

In most families, the process is the same, although there are of course differences between different types of parents, based on each one’s individual personality.

The first stage – Denial:

The child goes through the diagnostic process after the parents have noticed that something about the child’s development is unusual. In my experience, in most families, at least one of the parents refuses to accept the diagnosis. “Okay, my child is different, but he’s not autistic.” “Maybe he has an attention disorder or developmental delay, but he’s not autistic,” etc.

The second stage – Mourning:

We gave birth to a child. He began to grow and I already envisioned him in an elite military unit, getting married, studying at a university, grandchildren…and suddenly: No!

My child won’t go to the army, won’t get married, won’t give me grandchildren and apparently won’t learn at a university. This is a stage and process that is extremely difficult and that every parent to an autistic child undergoes.

No one can judge them! This is indeed a very hard, complicated experience!

As I said earlier, no outsider can understand!

The next stage – Internalization and Starting to Work with the Child:

At this stage, the parents begin to research any piece of information available.

They understand very quickly that the more they “work on” the situation at a young age, the chance of improving the child’s abilities in the present and the future are greater.

Until about ten years ago, there was barely any information available in Israel, and parents had to sometimes fly overseas to consult with experts. On occasion, they even brought the specialists to Israel at very high costs, to receive treatment instructions and professional assistance.

Today, the subject has developed in Israel greatly. There are wonderful and very professional specialists in Israel now too. There is support available (ALUT’s open hotline, advice from experienced parents, free of charge).

Over the years, I researched the subject in depth, as I mentioned.

***I discovered a gene for autism.

***I discovered a way to provide special advice for each autistic boy and girl based on their numerological map. This includes ways to make it easier to care for them and ways to make their lives and their development easier.

***Using a numerological map, it is possible to see if a person has an attention deficit disorder, autism or perhaps a combination of both of them, etc.

***Using a numerological map, we can find the special talents and subjects to connect each autistic individual to the “regular” world of communications.

***There are many more ways that a numerological diagnosis and map can be used to provide advice to the parents about how to make their children’s lives and development, and consequentially their own lives, more meaningful and pleasant.