Couples Empowerment Workshop through Numerology and kabbalah

Taught by Moshe Goldbard, Numerologist – Chirologist – Astrologist and Spiritual Therapist:

Many of us are involved in relationships but don’t feel that our relationship

is blissful.

We don’t feel content about the relationship, And haven’t had much success in building the special relationship we desire.

Our interpersonal communications are “stuck” and “aren’t working the way they should.”

There are too many miscommunications – and it shouldn’t be that way.

The workshop is about 5 hours long, with one half hour break. We will explore the following topics together:

  • *What is Cabbala and how does it influence a person’s daily life and relationships.
  • *What is numerology and how does it influence our lives and our relationships.
  • *Partner suitability and choosing a partner based on our personal map.
  • *How to build and maintain a good relationship based on love, communication and mutual respect according to numerology and Cabbala.
  • *How to deal with crises in life as a couple.
  • *How to personally and professionally boost and empower one another (through understanding numerology).