Course in the Secrets of Letters for Children

This is a one of a kind course in the world.

In the past and even today, in Jewish ultra-orthodox circles, from as young as age 3 children start Hebrew classes (Chader) and learn their Hebrew alphabet from their teacher (Moreh).

In the past, in the secular world, children began to learn letters in the first grade.  This was accepted and no one thought otherwise.

But the world in which we live is very competitive. And so parents began to teach their children reading and writing at the age of 3, 4 or 5 as a “preparation for first grade.”

Today, what was once only the province of the religious community is of course, for everyone.

A child absorbs the most at a young age and as we teach the child knowledge in the form of an enjoyable game, he/she will absorb it better, and this information will stay with them in a structured and memorable way.

To do this, we have developed the “Secrets of Letters Course for Children,” which is a one of a kind in the world.

By entertaining learning, crafts, and great fun, children learn the letters, how to put them together, writing and composition from different materials.

And as an added and very important benefit, they learn the profound meanings of the secrets of the letters, but of course, in a playful, fund and creative way tailored especially for children.

What your children will learn on this course they will never forget!

Designed for children at nursery school / first grade / second grade

There is the learning letters element, and also the element of the secrets of the letters and the energies contained within them.

In each letter there is a force which we teach the children about, and how to use these energies to succeed in studies and in life.

This course consists of 15 sessions, with each session lasting two hours.