Date of birth, we determined fact that roll on arrival – Current life, Symbolizes the path of our destiny.

By which we can expect Meetings, experiences, ups, downs, Energy characterized by these and other periods of our lives, Provisions of the Universe / God to what we should do these and other periods and how to drive:
Yes to open a business, start learning or not, is there a relationship energy productivity etc..

And some features of human nature (As prepared him for certain life course).

These are set at birth – our life course.

According to numerology, our lives fall into our adult life course (That for each one begins and ends at other ages).
And the man builds himself and shapes his life, Girls before this track And there is some afterlife.

But we have 36 years in the middle, where we build our lives.

36 these years are divided into four periods of nine years.
(4 times 9 = 36)

Four periods like every time we have a major task – Rate, And several more from God / Universe.

And their names general: the search period, the period of discovery, peg period (driving a wedge), and the peak period.
Tasks and these periods are called peaks and challenges.

“Everything write” (as they told us grandmothers – and they were right)!

However, according to Judaism: “Everything is predetermined subject!”

We have the opportunity to do all sorts of things will abrogate difficulties and decrees.

According to Jewish belief, by charity, fasting, and more, can we change our destiny, we are here to learn lessons and make repairs,

The main thing is: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Who is driving by this way, can really change things and affect the future.

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