Group Webinar and Skype Courses in Numerology

I will soon be opening up registration for numerology courses in the USA, Canada and Europe.

These courses will be run in the following way:

  • Part one:  I will be there in person to start off the course in the country and city it will be held, with a one week intensive workshop on the basics of numerology.  In this week, together we will learn the fundamentals of numerology, and all students will receive accompanying written materials I have devised.  We will learn, practice and begin to live numerology together.
  • The next part of the course will be by webinar (internet seminars).  We will ‘meet’ once a week for a three hour class, very like any ordinary course I usually run, just that the classes will take place through your computer, while every participant can ‘attend’ in the comfort of his/her home – or anywhere – next to a computer.  He or she can participate in the class, do exercises or ask questions just like in any class.
  • The concluding part of the course will be another one week intensive workshop, when I will join you again in person in the city where the course is being held. This last workshop will cover complex numerology at an advanced level.