Kabbalistic Medicine

Kabbalistic medicine is an amazing consciousness treatment method, which solves a great number of physical and mental problems, without drugs and conventional chemicals.

What is the human body? A mighty and wonderful structure. The crowning glory of creation.  It is a symbiosis of many wonderful systems:

  • The soul, which gives a person spiritual life.
  • And in the body, the liver, which houses the mind and the soul.
  • The inner soul, with desires, passions, lust etc. (called by the Chinese the ‘Chi’ or life energy).


This all creates a fascinating union between the soul and the body.

Conventional medicine touches the body but does not give space for the soul.  In psychiatry and psychology, we touch the soul but not the body. There is no synthesis between them.

Kabbalistic, Korean or Chinese medicine tell us that the body is the ‘glove of the soul’, and all physical pain we have has its basis in the dimension of the soul.

When there is a mental problem which remains untreated, it will become a physical one – ‘psychosoma’.

The Baal Shem Tov said: ‘everything that happens in the mind – in the microcosm of the soul – also happens in the macrocosm of the body’. The Chinese view this in a very similar way: that everything which has happened and which is happening in our lives also belongs to it. (See article ‘Psychosoma”)

The course in Kabbalistic Medicine is based on very ancient knowledge, founded on research, whose origins are in the Book of Creation, through the Zohar, and the accepted commentaries which deal with it. It is based, on the structure of the tree of life, and the 10 sephiroth that belong to all worlds, to every organism, and of course to the human body.

Therefore, when we understand the fundamental causes of a condition, it is easy for us to diagnose, treat and resolve the problems.

We deal with the patient both physically and mentally, and in terms of their spiritual energy.

  • Firstly a diagnosis is made: we listen to the patient, and make the diagnosis which we l have studied.
  • Afterwards, the treatment: we deal with energy. We link with the patient’s energy field. Treatment is without contact. We feel it. We project letters, colors, etc into the patient, using guided imagery meditation. In this way we guide the patient so that he/she can improve their condition themselves.

Since I also practice Su-Jok (Korean Medicine), we integrate the fundamentals of Korean diagnosis and treatment into the treatment (and the course), to give the patient as many tools as possible to improve their quality of life.


*** This course consists of 15 sessions

Each session lasts for three hours.