Personal Counseling

Each and every one of us is an entire world. A full world.

This is expressed, according to the Cabbala, through the secrets in our names, our parents’ names, our Gregorian date of birth, our Hebrew date of birth, the weekly Bible portion and more.

Each of us has a path in life (“map”) with a certain order.

A numerological map describes a specific journey that we must undergo here, in this life, in this reincarnation.

This is our path, because of lessons (karmas) that we have brought with us from past reincarnations. We must learn these lessons in order to correct those issues for which we were sent to this world. This journey is composed of events that take place at various times, junctions, encounters, etc.

There are years and months during which the timing is excellent for a new relationship, a change at work, a new business, moving to a new home, family time, etc.

There are also years when the time is not right, when we would be better off waiting a little longer.

The numerological map also addresses timing.

As is said, “Everything is written.”

According to the map, we can also examine a person’s character traits and use this to understand how that person will react or behave in specific situations.

Sometimes, either due to a lack of understanding or simply because we are human (this is completely natural), we “fight” our path in life and our lessons.

Until a certain moment occurs (there are those who have called it “enlightenment” or “comprehension”) when we understand that perhaps, we should change our approach to the issue.

Then, suddenly, almost miraculously, new pathways open up before us, and new energies are available to us.

Why does this happen? Because we succeeded in learning the lesson.

***Our path in life can be viewed on a numerological map. Timing, direction, pursuits, where we should go and where not to go, when is good and when is bad, with whom and who to avoid…

Yet, the decision remains in our hands: “Everything is foreseen but choice is granted.”
When someone comes to me for counseling, I first begin by showing him his personal map.

I explain it and analyze it.

I make sure that the person understands their life according to the wisdom of the Kabbala.

I analyze their path of life.

At the same time, I show the character traits that the person possesses, with which they can deal with the path of their life.

At the next stage, when we have understood the structure of the map, the person can ask all of the questions that bother or concern them – the questions that brought them here.

On any topic!

The best thing is to focus on the important questions, so that we can analyze them deeply and answer them.

The objective of the counseling session is to receive answers to the questions that concern us and insights into our lives, as well as a clear and correct direction to pursue in the present and future.

In this way, we will be able to breathe easier, smile more and understand why the things that happen to us occur and what their timing means.

With blessings of light and love,

Health and prosperity.