The Secrets of Letters Course

*"Bezalel knew how to combine the letters in which were created heaven and earth"
*The Vilna Gaon says: "In the beginning God created the letters Aleph-Taph" that is, 
God created the Hebrew alphabet, and with it created all the rest of the world..

The Secrets of Letters Course:

This fascinating course deals with the secrets and deepest hidden energies latent in the sacred letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and how they influence our lives day by day and hour by hour.

The Hebrew language is a material and not a contractual language.

A contractual language is a language where people agreed that this word would represent a house, and this word would represent a clock, cat or anything else.

In a material language (Hebrew) the nature of the actual letters that make up words is meaningful, hence the essence of the word itself, its energies and powers, and so on.

A person’s name, which is composed of certain letters of the Hebrew alphabet, brings with it energies, and the lessons brought from past lives which a person has to deal with in this life.

The mental power we have are the tools sent in this lifetime to be able to cope with the lessons we have come on this earth with.

The secret of the twenty two sacred letters were explained to us for the first time in the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Creation, which is the first and oldest book of the Kabbalah.

This Book of Creation describes to us how the Divine energy divided itself into 22 parts or powers as tools to give us the spiritual knowledge to understand the Divine.  These tools are the letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

A letter is sign.

In every letter we have the signs that show us the energies within them.

Crisis: In the period between the Flood and the time in which Abraham lived (about 2200 B.C.) a crisis occurred –  ‘The Tower of Babel’.

People wanted to change the order of the world using the power of secret letters (something which was widely-known).

Then, the Lord God called 70 angels to be responsible for 70 languages, and disrupted this knowledge of the secret letters.

Renewal of Learning: immediately after the Flood (which occurred in year 1656 of the creation of the world, according to Jewish belief), the first Yeshiva known in history was established, called the Yeshiva of Shem and Eber.  (Shem was the son of Noah and Eber was the son of Shelah, son of  Arpachshad, son of Shem, and therefore grandson of Shem).  The Yeshiva was located probably in where northern Syria is today.

It was here where they renewed the study of the secrets of the sacred letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The first person to study there was Abraham, and so in every Sefer Yetzira the following words are written in the title ‘Attributed to our father Abraham, peace be upon him’ (but also Isaac and Jacob).

Therefore, within a person’s name, and the meaning of the letters that make up that name, lie his/her potential to prosper: personality, money, health and more. All of these are written in advance, but are of course influenced by a person’s actions (and the extent to which he/she can correct what is written).

In the Secrets of the Letters Course, we will learn the meaning and essence of the characters, their combinations, their energies and the secrets and signs contained within them, and a great deal more interesting and fascinating information to give us the ability to analyze a person’s name in depth and understand the root of his/her soul, and the lessons of his/her life.

This course comprises 15 sessions